Hello! Namaste.

My name is Gustavo.

I created this blog to share thoughts, to express myself, and through that to know myself.

To share the words and beauty that inspire me through all this.

It’s about finding more silence through words. It’s about being honest.

It’s about connecting with my heart and through that, with yours.

It’s about what they call “spiritual”, the inside, the essence of all that exists, that lives, lived by a gay man.

It’s about the search. The path. Walking this, as they call it, “perennial way”. But without getting stuck on it.

Every day has to be a step nearer the horizon.

I still do not know what things I’ll share. I will find it out through the process. But I do hope everything is uplifting and inspiring.


(P.S: I’m always unsure about finding the right words.)