Gazing the Infinite through Male Beauty

Some time ago looking thoroughly at the man below, I felt how such overwhelming human masculine beauty speaks intimately to the soul about the Divine, the Divine Beauty, the Infinite, the Beyond or whatever name (just do not personalize it or “humanize” it in your mind, It is formless), although it enters through the doors of the human senses.

It was overwhelming beauty for me. Male perfection. Sheer masculinity.

I had to express that ocean of feeling through words.

By the way, this poem specially, reflects very satisfactorily what this blog is about. Its foundation. Its name.

The photo I chose was taken by me. The grasses and the clear, peaceful blue sky behind also speaks to me about the infinite’s beauty and at the same time it conveys silence.

Inspired by some old, classic spiritual and religious poems, I chose also to write this poem in archaic language for it conveys to me a feeling of deepness, devotion, honor and respect, which I was feeling at the moment for the man.


When I gaze at thy beauty, brother

my senses blossom.

But not only the senses,

but also the soul.

For there’s a heavenly presence

in thy manly beauty.

Some hidden whisper of the Divine

pouring through thy manly perfection.

I canst feel

blaffing dichotomy.

Ah, human sibling.

Blazing fire and breeze-like peace

converge inside me

when I gaze at thee.