To be drown in your Consciousness

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Hear, hear for a while this dandelion carried by your Breath.

In the silent sway
of the trees’ leaves I can feel you.

In the ceaseless wind
that whispers through the pines
your voice soothes my being.

In the starry infinite dark ocean of silence above me at night
I can feel your immesity.

In the moon’s countenance
I can glimpse the peace
that is your Being.

I cannot give you a name,
you have none.
I cannot treat you as human,
you are not.

Not even “Lord”.
It does not suit you.
That is nothing beside you.
Every human concept brings me aversion
when it comes to you.

I no longer want to exist.
I am longing to be one with your Consciousness.
And to watch this human-play
in the theater of the universe
with the same all-ecompassing eyes
that you watch it.
And then resound in Cosmic Laughter beholding such fallacy.

I no longer want to live
under this illusion, this curse
of ant-minded human experience.

Where we are infinitely smaller
than a single star. Infinitely.
And nonetheless we see stars
as smaller than ourselves.

We live and die in a huge illusion,
made up by our mind.

And it cannot be that the only way, I know.
There has to be another possibility:
an exit from this astounding lie.

I long to swim and drown
in your Consciousness.
To speak no longer of an “I”.
And to fulfill once and forever
the goal of my existing.

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